Longevity and Its Consequences: Insights from an Experimental Insect Biology Program
(2/2/2012) 58 minutes


My overarching goal is to explore and discuss the conceptual, technical and analytical complementarity of biological (non-human species) and classical (human) demography. The talk will focus on both my past and recent biodemographic research organized around four themes: (1) theoretical biodemography (e.g. social insects, two-sex model; new life table identity), (2) experimental biodemography (e.g. fruit fly research involving dietary restriction; behavior informatics of the life course); (3) evolutionary ecology of lifespan (e.g. vertebrate longevity patterns, primate patterns of longevity; estimates of age structure when individual age is not known; and (4) human demography (e.g. longevity extension is self reinforcing, 'portraits' from a 12,000 year old cave, and sports demography/NBA players). I will end with a brief discussion of future directions for biodemography, particularly with respect to healthspan. [Show ID: 23612]

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