They Came From Space! Understanding and Preparing for Extraterrestrial Threats
(2/4/2014) 8 minutes


Humanity is currently enjoying a golden age of science and civilization. However, the technology that elevates our quality of life is sensitive to the space environment. Solar storms can knock satellites out of operation and possibly damage them. Ground systems can be compromised for especially strong Solar events. Also looming is the seemingly unpredictable natural disaster of bolide impacts. The recent event at Chelyabinsk provided a glimpse into just how vulnerable we are to even small-scale Solar system debris. In this contribution we review the wealth of research ongoing at UCSD that addresses Space Physics, Earth's magnetic field, and the formation and evolution of the Earth and its immediate Solar system environment. Provided in the framework of these research topics are ways to prepare for, mitigate, and possibly remove threats to our livelihood from extraterrestrial hazards.

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