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Contested Politics
One approach to the transformation of the public university is through engaged scholarship, which seeks to build and apply knowledge in ways that both inform social change and reflect critically on the politics of knowledge itself. This symposium invites leaders at the forefront of engaged scholarship to provoke a critical conversation about the prospects and pitfalls of this approach.
Cuba and California: Prospects for Change and Opportunity
Leading experts from the United States, Canada, and Cuba explore the evolving relationship and emerging opportunities between these countries.
Tahoe Docent Training Program
The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center has initiated a volunteer Docent Program in order to connect the talents of community volunteers to the needs of visitors and students.
Martin Meyerson Faculty Research Lectures
On April 29, 1912, a special Academic Council committee reported favorably on a proposal by President Benjamin Ide Wheeler "to consider the feasibility of establishing at the University a series of lectures for the presentation of results of research at the University of California." Since then, except during the war year of 1919, the Academic Senate has annually elected one or two faculty members who are distinguished for his/her scholarly research to serve as a Faculty Research Lecturer.
The Last Lecture Series
The Last Lecture concept honors Randy Pausch, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who delivered his Last Lecture with dignity and grace -- a presentation about life and enabling the dreams of others. Last Lecture speakers are encouraged to identify and honor their family members and mentors, identify critical events, and share lessons learned along life's path.
Conservation of Extremely Small Populations Symposium
A very distinguished list of conservation leaders from multiple fields focus on the special circumstances surrounding the conservation of species on the brink of extinction. Speaker discuss the current knowledge and challenges associated with saving these critically endangered populations.
Evolution of Common Molecular Pathways Underlying Innate Immunity
In recent years a remarkable evolutionary conservation of innate immune mechanisms has become apparent between flies, plants, mice and humans. Each of these species uses similar receptors to detect microbes. Therapeutic targeting of toll-like receptors for infectious and inflammatory disease and cancer and crop engineering of these receptors for resistance to infection is now a reality.
Physics 150 Distinguished Public Lecture Series: Gateways to Emergent Behavior in the Physical and Biological Sciences
Developing an emergent perspective on problems in science and society by focusing on gateways to emergent behavior in the physical and biological sciences and on gateways that have been proposed for solving some of our major societal problems.
Honey bees play an intricate part in our lives, pollinating one-third of the food we eat. Join experts and enthusiasts as they explore the world of the honey bee as well as honey in our diets, gardens, and more.
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