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NanoSystems Seminar Series
Department of Demography Brown Bag Seminars
The Demography Brown Bag series is an opportunity for the campus demography community to present either works in progress or completed works in an informal setting.
The BCCP Global Teachers Academy
The Global Teachers' Academy improves classroom science instruction by training teachers to engage students in a technology rich, project based experience.
UCSF Kidney Transplant Program: Update in Transplantation 2011
2011 Update in Kidney Transplantation presented by
Rethinking Capitalism
The model for valuing derivatives has become a new way of understanding capitalism as a production of new property (a commodity) by means of contract alone. Scholars in the social sciences and humanities are seeking to understand the difference that this new shape of capital has made to their fields. Within the minutiae of esoteric financial instruments lie social, political, and religious assumptions that remain largely unexamined to this day. The analysis that the Bruce Initiative fosters directly impacts the assumption and thinking that undergirds accounting, economics, and finance. Rethinking Capitalism aims to connect those who are technically adept at the new financial technologies with scholars of culture, institutions, ethics and theology. We support original research in political economy and the social study of finance.
Vascular Care 2011: Best Practices in Vascular Therapy
This series from UC Davis Office of Continuing Medical Education focuses on the education needs of cardiologists, surgeons, and radiologists who treat peripheral vascular diseases. The program is also intended for other health-care providers, including nurses and advanced practice nurses, podiatrists, endocrinologists, primary care providers, wound care specialists, as well as radiology,cardiovascular and vascular laboratory technologists.
A species-spanning approach to medicine presented by the UCLA Office of Continuing Medical Education and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, in conjunction with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the Los Angeles Zoo.
Beyond the PDF Workshop
The goal of the workshop was not to produce a white paper! Rather it was to identify a set of requirements, and a group of willing participants to develop a mandate, open source code and a set of deliverables to be used by scholars to accelerate data and knowledge sharing and discovery.
UC Davis Department of Entomology Seminars
Seminars presented on the UC Davis campus.
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