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The Institute of Governmental Studies
The Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) is an interdisciplinary organized research unit (ORU) on the UC Berkeley campus. Founded in 1919 as the Bureau of Public Administration, the Institute had from the very beginning close relations with California's state and local government and worked collaboratively to advance good governance. IGS promotes research, educational activities, and public service in the areas of American and California politics and broad domains of public policy, including term limits, campaign finance, redistricting, direct democracy, immigration, judicial behavior, and American political development.
The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
The KITP is the first and foremost scientific research facility where theorists in physics and allied fields congregate, for sustained periods of time, to work together intensely on a broad range of questions arising from investigations at the leading edges of science.
UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley Department of Demography
As world population rises toward seven billion and life expectancy in developed nations rises above 80 years, demographic forces drive the shape of global challenges and personal opportunities. Students and faculty at the Department of Demography at UC Berkeley study the deep structure behind these changes. Emphases include the potential for further extensions of lifespan in mathematical, evolutionary, and empirical context; economic transfers, both public and private, between age groups and generations and their links with poverty, prosperity, economic growth, and lifetime choices; culture and intentionality in fertility and family formation; affiliation and opportunity in a spatially and socially mobile world; and the emerging field of human rights demography, the measurement of victimization and need in the face of violence and complex emergencies.
UC Davis Animal Behavior Group
The Davis campus has a distinguished history of teaching and research in the life sciences including animal behavior. The Animal Behavior Graduate Group is an interdepartmental program in which faculty members from several departments, schools, and colleges participate. Members of the Group employ a wide range of animal species in their research as well as a diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches.
UC Davis Bioethics Program
The UC Davis Bioethics Program was established to affirm the importance of ethics education in the medical school curriculum, as well as to provide a resource in bioethics to the entire University.
UC Davis Center for Comparative Medicine
The CCM Mission embraces the concept of "One Medicine" through interdisciplinary comparative medical research, teaching, and model development. Its research mission is to investigate the pathogenesis of human disease, using experimental animal models and naturally occurring animal diseases. CCM research programs facilitate its teaching mission of comparative medical training at the professional, graduate and post-graduate levels. CCM faculty expertise and programs in integrative biology provide animal model development, validation, and collaborative support to the general scientific community.
UC Davis Department of Animal Science
The mission of the UC Davis Department of Animal Science is to create and disseminate knowledge about animals for the betterment of animals, society, and the environment in California and beyond.
UC Davis Department of Entomology
The University of California, Davis Department of Entomology is world renowned for its quality research and teaching. With additional facilities such as the Bohart Museum of Entomology, the Mosquito Research Center, the Center for Biosystematics and the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, the UC Davis Entomology Department is one of the most recognized entomology departments in the world.
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