Building on Latino Families' Cultural and Linguistic Resources for Effective PCIT
(9/24/2013) 58 minutes


Within a year, Latinos are expected to be the largest ethnic group in California. An important component for delivering effective social and educational services to Latino families is to recognize and build upon their cultural and linguistic strengths. In this presentation, Nadeen Ruiz, a researcher in Latino educational issues, uses case studies to highlight key findings from research on Latino children and families. Knowledge of this research can diminish deficit perspectives that interfere with providing effective services, and instead help identify well-documented strengths and resources among Latino families - resources that are a springboard to children's social and academic success. Featuring Nadeen Ruiz, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Bilingual Multicultural Education at California State University Sacramento, and Director of the California Bi-National Teacher Education Project (Bi-TEP).

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